Thursday, April 30, 2015


I've had a few messages and comments...Thank you for your concern - but no, I didn't forget about you...and no, I'm not rocking in the corner or wallowing...hehe. I've just been busy with life.

Life...Sure does keep us on our feet, huh? I have been on my feet a lot. I've also been pounding pavement daily and kicking ass this week. I have this nice little, almost-5k routine mapped out. I've been getting a lot of great tips and tricks (thank you, thank you!) Most people have recommended going by telephone poles - run 1, walk 1 and work on building up stamina. This seems like an excellent way to get started. Bob Harper (who leads my rainy-day-go-to power walk video) says to walk up hill - dig in low and then run down hill. So, I'm mixing together this various information in order to make up my routine.

It goes a little something like this: I come to a lovely hill right off, so I start with a brisk walk and dig in for the hill. Once I'm at the top, I run. Each spurt is between 4-6 telephone poles. This leads me to my next hill, which I power up...then a 4-6 pole run after we level out. This pattern continues until I hit the back road, which receives more walking than running because by this point I'm spent and my knee is throbbing. I'm currently completing this little diddy in 50 minutes. I have shaved off 2.5 min/km. But, I think this is where I will be for awhile. I'm okay with that - but the sad part is that on Saturday I walked the same route with the dog and made the same time lol.

I think I run a little like a giraffe. Not kidding. I make these large movements - yet somehow it's almost like my legs aren't actually going forward, like I'm not gaining ground. I don't think I'm doing it right lol. I clearly need to work on my form. When I finally make it to the back road where things settle down a bit, I then look like Forest Gump - hobbling along with my bum knee. It's not a pretty sight - this is why I run in the dark.

The other sad part is that I'm ALMOST at 30lbs and it is taking me SO LONG to get there. I kept telling myself I was going to get there this week - knowing it was a stretch in comparison to my recent losses. Hey - power of positive thinking...?! Like I said - I kicked ass this week. Then, yesterday - 1 day before weigh in - I do another check in and I'm UP 2 lbs. The ups and downs of weight loss...Oivey! You would think all this worrying would help shed a little bit. But, nooooo...

Panic sets in.

Now, I know it's not good to continuously check my weight. Typically, I just peak and it's all good. I don't have a meltdown (evvvveeery time lol). But this had me a bit worried. April has been a rough month for my journey - these pounds are suddenly moving like molasses.

I come out to the kitchen and proceed to tell Becca about my discovery - who in return proceeds to tell me I'm not allowed on the scale anymore. I ignore her and continue:
Me: I just don't get it. I already had my plateau - I was a sitting duck for 3 weeks!
Her: But you lost last week?
Me: Yea, after 3 weeks of nothing. I can't be going idle again. I can't be plateauing.
Her: I thought you just had a plateau.
Me: I did, that's what I'm saying...I can't be plateauing again!!
Her: I love that you're using it as a verb - plateauing - like its an action. I just can't plateau today - I'm too busy
Me: Yea, exactly - I just can't plateau this week - I'm not in a good place after Derrick's death. This just isn't the time.

Plateauing...Pfft...About as bad as adulting.

I did in fact NOT quite hit my 30. I lost 2.4 and made sure to announce that I WOULD be getting it next week - everyone be ready!! I have one more weigh-in to get there, or I have to cancel my reward trip to Bangor - and I realllllly need that pedicure.

Not getting my 30 lbs, or the thought that I NEED to get my 30 lbs still didn't stopped me from successfully participating in the Wednesday Night Binge though - it's all part of the system, ya see. We were coming through customs last week with all of our goodies and...
Officer: Anything over?
Becca: Just food.
Officer: Any fruits or vegetables?
Becca: Nope.
Me: No need to worry about that - there are definitely no fruits of vegetables here!
As I sat in the passenger seat with my lap full of french fries, chicken fingers, chips, peanut butter cups and probably more. All part of the system...

Don't mess with the system. Until next week, folks - when I'll be a 30lbs lighter!

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