Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Happy Adrenal Apple

Lately, some of my "good clothes" are making me appear...well, not good. Let's just say that much. Some of them are getting baggy. I was actually carrying an armload of stuff into the house last week and just as I finally reached the counter to unload, my pants fell to my ankles. It was a good thing I was alone! By the time Summer really hits, I will need to purchase a few staples for my wardrobe. If I'm going to work this hard to lose the weight, I'd like to look the part.

While considering what I have and what I will need - I decided I'm going to try to not cover my body with layers and layers of black anymore. I feel good, so let's look good. But, I have an odd body. My family would call this the candy apple look. Yup, I am apple shaped. This is supposed to be the hardest weight to get rid of, as well - awesome! All the luck...


While searching through a variety of blogs on how to dress this difficult shape of mine - I discovered a few Fancy Nancys who are also candy apples - such as Oprah, Dolly Parton, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet AND...get this - Angelina Jolie! These are some pretty great people - must be the apple. Angelina is my favourite apple shaped celebrity. She might even be one of my favourite all time celebrities. Her style is simple and natural. Her influences are not limited to fashion and entertainment either. She is quite passionate about her involvements as a feminist and a humanitarian. A pretty well balanced celeb, I must say...and probably hard to come by. NOW we have something in common (probably the only thing). You should just start calling me, Angelina!

Angelina might be a few pounds lighter, so even though she is a candy apple as well - it is unlikely we will be wearing similar garments. It is also unlikely we suffer the same struggles. There are things I find difficult to do- not just because of the extra weight in general, but because of this specific shape. I like to call this struggle - the bowl.

This bowl gets in the way..a lot. It's terribly annoying. Whether I'm trying to tie my shoes or I'm trying to dig something out from the back of the cupboard - this bowl keeps me from bending and moving the way I need to. I have bowl belly..and by bowl belly, I don't mean those cute little belly castings people make when they're pregnant and turn into decorative pieces. No sir...I mean, it is literally like someone duct taped a bowl to my torso.

I have actually suggested to Becca that she try this, when she wonders why I have asked for her help digging a pan out of the back of the cupboard. I realllly wanted to duct tape a bowl to her torso - she wasn't into it. I can't imagine why though?! I think someone should try it - just to see what it's like to have this barrier smack dab in the middle of your body and try completing everyday tasks. Apparently it is not going to be Becca, though.

It's really a sin...But, she has survived so far and she hasn't moved out yet. I do get a lot of Ohhh deah's and head shakes. But she's still around...even after conversations like:
Me: Oh man, there's something wrong with my arm.
Her: Like what?
Me: I don't know. There's like a lump, and it's sore.
*she comes to investigate*
Her: Ohhhh deah.
Me: What?
Her: That would be called a bicep. *insert head shake here*
Me: Oh.
Her: Yeeeaaaa.....
Me: Never had one of those before, I guess.

This conversation should actually be the least of her worries - I've talked about things this week that I never talk about: poop, periods, belly fat...Oh yes, I think it has all been covered! Interestingly enough, I learned even more regarding this bowl of mine. I knew there were different shapes, but I did not know that there are different kind of bellies.

This discovery resulted in losing hours of my life I will never get back. Most sites refer to 4 main types. I narrowed it down to two - adrenal and thyroid. I think there is a little bit of both, but settled on adrenal after reviewing the information below, I found at Beauty Tips 4 Her.

While sifting through the information and reading things like...
"poor sleeping habits"
"brain fog"
"poor memory"
"edgy" and "irritable"...
I was thinking "DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!" Unfortunately, the only tips they gave for how to improve my situation was to reduce stress, increase sleep and eat consistently throughout the day instead of binging in the evenings. I have mastered that last tip - but unfortunately for me, there is very little I can do about one and two.

Regardless, I'm happy to say that I found some success on the scale this week - I'm down 2lbs and finally happy to see a budge. I don't think I'm going to reach my goal on time (after this 3 week lull) but I'm just happy to see a change on that scale again. I might be an adrenal apple, but I'm a happy one!

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