Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thirty and...All "Groan" Up

Once upon a time, I read that 80% of lifes most significant events take place by 35. This seems realistic since typically you have hit your highlight moments - graduation from high school, graduation from college, marriage, children, etc.

So what's after 35 - your ah-ha moments? Nice...really looking forward to that! Your early 20's are drastically different than your late 20's. I recently read this article on things you should forgive yourself for entitled 14 Things Its Time You Forgave Yourself For.  I think it's an article that everyone should take a look at (I especially love #4 - The fries you ate with your lunch. You'll survive).

It made me think about the past decade (yet again - there's a lot of that happening!). Nearing the end of my 20's, and realizing the things I did, didn't do or the ways I didn't always make the most of them... I started to think about what I could have done differently - or even if I would have done these things differently. Which, if you're wondering - I would not.
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On Thursday evening I went to the 18th birthday celebration of a beautiful young lady, who was my first favourite little kid and like a sister. She's also friends with my 17 year old niece, and another favourite little kid - even though neither are little kids anymore. They're both preparing to branch into the real world. While I watched the excitement unfold and watched these two young ladies, I thought about being that age and having no idea - even though I didn't know I had no idea. So, I thought of some tibbits of information to pass onto them in hopes that they take the 20-30's time frame (when it comes around) and make the most of it, instead of cramming these lessons in at the last some of us.

1. First bit of advice - You are enough. Always.

2. Time flies is not just a saying.

3. Dr. Seuss really nailed this one: say what you feel. It's true - say what you want, what you need to, what you mean.

4. Take chances and make mistakes.

5. Learn how to budget. At some point you have to begrudgingly admit that keeping track of your finances is actually a good idea.

6. Work the hardest at being good and being kind. Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.

7. Being the better person is actually a good motto. Which somehow leads me to Face Book - do not sign into FaceBook when you're drunk, depressed or livid!

8. "What am I doing with my life" is a daily question...get used to it.

9. Life is hard. It's harder than hard. Unfortunately we don't get an invitation for the tough times - they just happen.

10. Remember thinking that the grown ups had all the answers? Sorry, noone knows shit!

11. Take breaks and travel.

12. Learn how to cook. Living off Kraft Dinner and Raman Noodles may work in your early 20's, but by your late 20's that shit catches up with you.

13. Which leads up to...staying mentally, physically and emotionally healthy IS important. Work at it.

14. Which also leads up to...stress is toxic. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy. Whether it's a relationship, a job, friendship. The emotional wear and tear of these toxicities have long term effects...Walk away.

15. You're NEVER going to be ready - We're all a little not ready for life - so just do it.

16. Accept failure and learn how to apologize - we all fail at something and we'll fail at something again. It's okay.

17. Do something you're afraid of - it's exhilarating.

18. Life isn't about things, it's about experiences. Live life and don't rush it. If you're bored, you're doing it wrong.

19. Life is too short to follow the crowd - be different, do what you like, do what makes you happy.

20. Haters are gonna hate...don't let them bring you down. Respect yourself.

21. Contrary to what you used to believe, going to bed at a reasonable hour is actually cool...and becomes necessary the older you get.

22. Dance - even if it's not well, even if you do it alone - dancing has many health benefits (including reduced risk of dementia).

23. #2 in the article I mentioned really nailed a few things for me. Anything goes when you're fighting to keep yourself going. Anything. Don't be ashamed of the things you do during dark times. You'll come back around stronger than before - fight to keep yourself alive and don't be ashamed of how you do it. You're worth it ('re enough).

24. In order to see your friends, you actually have to make an attempt to see your friends. As you get older, as things get crazier and when you figure out who these people are, make time for them.

25. I suppose a decades worth of advice wouldn't be complete unless I said a little something about love. Don't run around looking for love, let love find you. It probably will happen when you least expect it. Now, I'm as much of a Disney fan as the next person, but accept right now that love does not arrive on a horse drawn carriage, in the form of a prince holding your lost glass slipper, which your Fairy God Mother gave you. It also will not come in the form of a giant, hairy, angry beast and magically transform into a handsome Prince. See how far fetched that sounds, now? Regardless of how you find love, you must remember that few decisions will shape your future then who you decide to spend the rest of your life with - so choose well. It's a game changer!

BONUS: It's likely life will not pan out how you might just be even better.

Love you girls <3

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