Thursday, February 26, 2015

Like a boss...

Last Wednesday, at our Girl Guide meeting we worked towards the Key to I Can Badge. We painted aprons, worked on a Unit Cookbook and we also read Enemy Pie. We finished up by making our own our own "Enemy Pie" which we decided should really be called "Friendship Pie".

Naturally...there were leftovers! Eeek! Thankfully, it was weigh-in day, which helped fight the temptation to dabble in the goodies. However, Treat Thursday was just around the corner. I am an expert at developing "rationale" for anything I want. "I'll take excuses for 300, Alex..."

Therefore, I used the remaining items to create a parfait - layer of graham cracker crumbs, pudding middle, little more graham cracker crumbs, whip cream, caramel drizzle and cookie crumble topping. This is not something I would have ever put in my mouth before. I hate pie. I hate pudding.

Yet, I drooled over this dessert and then shoveled it aboard a BOSS!

It's so funny that once you cut a few things out, absolutely anything is good. It reminded of my Boston trip train bagel - best damn bagel EVAH! I mean - who doesn't love a bagel that has been sealed in a plastic bag for god knows how long, toasted in who knows what kind of compact technology on this mini diner cart using a reusable, who knows what has been on there tinfoil tray. Yummers! But I'm tellin' bagel EVAH. I put that thing away - you guessed it - like a BOSS.

I also completed the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred a BOSS!

Confession: I have had this video for awhile. I have tried it here and there, and never been able to finish it. I get frustrated with not being able to complete the exercises properly or accurately, and use this as an excuse to quit. For some reason, I never had the will power to continue and ultimately finish the work out. If I didn't have another single success this week, I would still be happy to only announce that I finished this work out!

But, it did not start off so promising. Becca popped that video in and I will be honest - I was lying on the couch protesting.

But, she got my ass up and going. A few minutes in, Becca and I are moving and grooving - I'm starting to feel it, I'm getting pumped up...
Me: This isn't so bad!
Her: Uh..this is only the warm up.
Me: Oh.

Things improved, though. I really was enjoying how the video was set up:

And then...
Jillian: Are you feeling it? I'm feeling it!
Me: Are you kidding, Jillian? I've done more of these exercises than you keep wandering off to talk to your friends!

Come on lady, get with it! I wanna see you do it, if you're going to be telling me I can do it! She continues to provide "reassurance" that it's only 20 minutes.

We hit the 15 minute mark...Woohoo! Light at the end of the tunnel.
20 minutes...we're still going?! WTF, Jillian!
23 minutes...Forget you Jillian, you said this work out was 20 minutes!
25 minutes...Hallelujah! I survived.

We're finished. Ya know, should really add that the warm up is not included in that 20 minute time frame.

But...I did it. I finally finished this video, and somewhat successfully I might add. I did follow the modified version. For some exercises that included putting pressure on my knees, I used my exercise ball. At times, I even modified the modification. But I did it, and I will do it again, and again, and again. Until I don't have to modify the modification. Until I don't have to modify at all! Gotta start somewhere, right?

I also managed to have a decent weigh-in this week. I had another commitment on Wednesday as well as a snow day. Thinking I would not be weighing in, I had a nice big breakfast, a big lunch - and then my meeting was canceled! Oh dear. Naturally, I said "I'll skip, I'm not prepared." But Becca reminded me of my own advice: FAM. I just had to face it, accept it and move on.

So I went to weigh-in, fairly certain I would gain and managed to lose 1.2 - even with my excessive eating that day.

I am officially down 15.6lbs. Now I am working towards my 20lb. loss (within 2 weigh-ins, on March 11/15). Small goals work well for me - start somewhere, right? Modify the modification if you have to - but set yourself up for success.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


There is a new word that seems to be spreading like wildfire, and I quite enjoy this word myself. Adulting - as I'm sure you guessed, is to act like or to become an adult. Basically, it is to take on mundane, boring or unenjoyable tasks and responsibilities of an adult. Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty posts that adulting is not yet in the mainstream dictionary, and wasn't added to the urban dictionary until 2014. Yet, the word adulting shows up on Twitter 100 times/day and is widely used in social media. I recently discovered there is actually a book on adulting by Kelly Williams Brown - Adulting: How to Become an Adult in 468 Easy(ish) Steps.

Many people think they are adults - but those of you sleeping until noon, playing video games, living off Mommy and Daddy or student loans, and partying most nights...I hate to burst your pretty little bubble, but you are not adulting.

When I first went to stock my college apartment, I made a wonderful list and grabbed everything I thought I needed. However, upon returning to my apartment and plunking my ass down on my toilet, I realized I forgot toilet paper. How did I forget toilet paper? Now I had to get dressed and head back into the city for some TP. I spiraled into an entire epiphany I call, Ode to TP. TP was always just there, it always just appeared. I may have picked it up once or twice before...but I never put much thought into it and clearly not when I was making my list. Funny how we progress through life and TP seems to just appear.

From then on - it was non stop concerns, visits to big kid places like the bank, Service NB, Service Canada, etc. Do you feel my pain? Adulting is hard...and, it does not get any easier. It's like a non-stop roller-coaster of difficulty until you die. That doesn't even seem right. One you realize you have stepped onto this adulting rollar-coaster, there are limited ways of getting off - and especially none that do not require a huge loss of pride and probably significant assistance from your parents. Most of us refuse to go there...#Adulting.

Signs you're adulting...
- Asking for socks for Christmas
- Thank you notes (enough said)
- Buying grandparent gifts - your name is no longer put on one!
- Wearing clothes...daily.
- Dish and laundry piles reproduce all on their rabbits.
- Making lunches
- Washing!

Are there any positives of adulting?...Well yes, of course there are - but it takes a long time to realize that. In the beginning there are only...Adult beverages!

Speaking of which - adult beverages were part of my weekend plans. I had kick ass plans of heading to Lewiston for a much anticipated concert, in which I intended on sharing every enjoyable detail with you faithful viewers. WARNING - let me prepare you now - there are no funny stories, photos or memorable moments below. Why you ask? To put it simply - Winter 2015.

The weather was not looking very promising - it appeared as though we would be in the eye of the storm both to and from. Mind you - the tickets were not expensive, so I'm not out much except the opportunity to see Theory of a Deadman AND Bush - LIVE! Therefore, this event was in fact not just $30, but priceless.

I very rarely and I mean VERY rarely do anything for myself these days. #Adulting! I was pretty impressed that dead of winter, most expensive season of the year - I booked a concert. I was not only excited to see the artist themselves, but to go on a little trip, spend the night, go out to eat...just enjoy myself.

We had to make a big kid decision...probably at 19-20, I would not have had a care or concern in the world and bombed my way to Lewiston, bouncing from one snow bank and ditch to another. However, I am almost 30 now, and a more mature decision must be made. They say this happens - somewhere between 20 and 30, this thing they call adulting. I think it's safe to say I made the deadline.

While I was a miserable whine ass about not being able to go to my concert - there were many signs that we shouldn't be going. Both Becca and I had other events we really needed to attend. Not going, also meant I wasn't spending money I really didn't have. Yup, I've made the deadline. #Adulting.

I think in the final days of my 20's (187 to be exact) I should purchase this book and make sure I haven't missed any steps...or maybe just hide out under my bed sheet fort.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

E is for Extreme

As I arrived at work one morning this week, I was greeted by not just one, but two people who implied that I was looking a bit smaller than usual. This couldn't have been better timing - because I was extremely worried about my weigh-in this week due to my extreme Valentine's splurging. So, what better way to try to balance it out but with some additional exercising - extreme exercising in my case!

I can only imagine what you have in mind when I say extreme exercising...excessive, perhaps? Not quite. I have two words for you - exercise ball.

What's so extreme about an exercise ball? It is a bit more difficult than one may realize. That beast looks like a piece of cake. It looks like you're going to get in your push-ups, crunches and more, all while happily bouncing on your ball.

No sir.

What I THINK I look like on my exercise ball...

I found a few fancy work outs guessed it, Pinterest. Some of those babies are far more difficult than they look. Sheesh! During a very graceful side crunch on my new ball, I became a little overly confident. Here I am, powering through...left-right-right-left-left-right...and WHAM! I rolled a wee bit too far, lost my balance and went flying, crashing my head into a nearby wooden crate. Super.

What I ACTUALLY look like on my exercise ball! 

The first of many bumps and bruises. However, nothing quite as painful as tossing Becca onto her back. I am easily distracted, so while I was supposed to be supporting her through an exercise somehow I became distracted, lost my grip and...WHAM! Flat on her back. So, not only was this event extreme for myself, apparently it is extreme for anyone who joins me.

All in all - I did enjoy these routines, regardless of my injuries. It was a nice change from my kettle bell, resistance bands and of course - cardio! Because you all know my feelings on that subject - it was a nice change from that as well, or... a nice new excuse to avoid it.

Speaking of avoidance - I really wanted to avoid my meeting as well. The night before, I really started to feel nervous. However, I previously wrote about facing the scale...and that's just what I did. I felt like a kid on Christmas eve, very impatient for the big day to arrive. I just needed to get it over with. I needed to face the scale, accept the number and move on - FAM.

Now, normally I would never share any information from my meetings - but I will say this: most people seemed extremely nervous while waiting in line to weigh-in, and the look of surprise once they hit the scale was priceless. Myself included.

I was desperately hoping to hit my 15lb loss this week, even though I had a sneaking suspicion I had gained. To my surprise, I did not gain. However, I also did not hit my 15lb mark, which I was only 1.4lbs away from. But my 0.8 lb loss did not make the cut. I know I should be glad I survived V-day, but I will be honest in saying I am a little sad about failing to hit my goal.

So, it's FAM time...189 days to Find Miss Rice. More importantly, 26 days until our next Holiday temptation - St.Patty's Day, latty! EEK!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Splurge

I don't know about you, but my Valentine's Day splurge calls for some major intervention. I must be honest, I'm a bit nervous about weigh-in this week, at which I'm trying to hit my 15lb. loss.

A friend and I went out for supper. I ordered a Turkey Club with a baked potato. Potatoes are my favourite - mashed, baked, fried - any way. Love me some potatoes! I was so excited about my baked potato that I forked it right to me and then only ate one of the quarters of my sandwich. However, if we're being honest here - I may have sampled one too many items from the sampler plate appetizer we also ordered. It was after all Valentine's Day, but we did decide not to pack up the left overs to come home and tempt us.

Did I add that this was technically Friday - and not yet Valentine's Day?! Which means the real Valentine's Day brought many of its own treats with it such as Cadbury and Reese's, chocolate dipped strawberries and more. Oh my!

The only thing that can make this worse is...Yup, you betcha - another snow day. We all know about the Snow Day rut, right? Netflix, sacking out on the couch and snacking. I fear we shall never recover.

So Clean Start Monday is vital! I could use all the support I can get to get back on track after this doozy. I'd like to do the same for you...Here are some of the successful recipes I've recently enjoyed:

Lunch of the Week - Wrapless Wrap (no link)
I had an excellent lunch this week. I drew inspiration from this photo on Pinterest, which did not lead to a recipe. I am calling it The Wrapless Wrap. I took a piece of turkey, spread a thin layer of mayo and stacked up my favourites - lettuce, onions, peppers and swiss cheese. Then I rolled it up, stabbed it with a toothpick and packed it up with a fork and knife. I only made one and paired it with a cup of grapes - which I did not need since the wrapless wrap was quite filling for only 150 calories.

Turnip Fries
I actually did not like this, but that doesn't mean you will not. I had never tried turnip, but most often I don't mind raw or slightly crisped vegetables so I thought I may like them in fry form - however, I did not. If you do like turnip, give it a try! If you search Turnip fries, there are a variety of seasoning ideas and you can find one to suit your personal preferences.

We used this link for a mayo-less coleslaw. We did change up a few things - such as using honey opposed to Splenda. We also purchased a pre-made coleslaw package instead of going through the process of purchasing and cutting up the recommended vegetables. It was delicious and a nice change for a side dish. Since the vegetables are crispy, it stays well for a few days and is actually even better the following day once it sits.

Pizza Chicken Bake
What a treat! I only used 2 pepperoni's to cut down on sodium. We combined the chicken with 2 oz's of whole wheat spaghetti, which created a delicious supper that did not feel like "diet food" at all! You could top the chicken with whatever pizza toppings you enjoy - pineapple, ham, onions, peppers, etc. I also used a cast iron pan to sear the chicken so I could just pop it in the oven and cut back on dishes. Loved it!

Skinny Buffalo Chicken
This recipe was for Thursday Treat Night - still low in calories, sugars, sodium and carbs yet yummy! Definitely a pin win.

BEST RECIPE OF THE WEEK - Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken
Our Valentine's Day Supper certainly did NOT disappoint. Combined with a side of garlic green beans, it made for a 300 calorie supper. I can't even begin to express how good this chicken is. It really put a cramp in my need for Chinese - it was the best sweet and sour chicken I have ever had! We of course used honey opposed to sugar and all low-sodium items (ketchup, soy sauce, etc.)

Cauliflower Garlic Cheese Fingers
Another treat-night-recipe-that-did-not-seem-like-a-treat...No words. Sharing this recipe equally was a mere 52 calories. We even grabbed a Blue Menu marinara for dipping. We combined it with a Blue Menu tomoato and spinach pizza for another 300 calorie supper that seemed too good to be true!

If you feel yourself slipping and need a little treat to curve some temptations - then the last two recipes are for you! Now, start preparing for Clean Slate Monday...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adventures in Babysitting

Over the weekend I babysat for some friends so they could have a little getaway. Let me tell ya - there is nothing better for the ol' ego than playing video games with a six year old. I hear people say how you shouldn't pretend to needs to learn how to win AND lose, be good sports, etc. Well, I can tell you - that's never an issue for me. I can't win even if I try.

And try, I did! I was focused, yet I couldn't keep that toad alive. I just couldn't! Therefore, video game time went a little something like this:
"Miss need to jump."
"Miss Brittany...I'll just carry you over."
"Miss Brittany...Maybe you could just stay in the bubble a minute."
"Miss Brittany...Just stay behind me."
"Miss Brittany...Maybe you would like to try an easier level?"
"Here Miss Brittany...let me do that part for you."

Their lovely stash of lives - 620 to be exact, greatly diminished by the time I was done. Yup...Not a gamer. Not even a little bit. Thankfully, it didn't last very long before our friends arrived for our sliding party - and therefore, I didn't disappoint my little admirer for too long. Before we knew it, the house was packed with kids and the fun had begun.

Wreckage of our Sliding Saturday - Party of 6! 
Fun - which includes my friend getting stuck a the bottom of the hill in the deep snow, seriously not being able to get back up, which inevitably lead to her 1 year old son ditching her and crawling up the hill solo...As well as Miss Courtney losing her boot in this same deep snow and having to create a spontaneous game of hide and seek Miss Courty's boot. By this point, my lack of video game ability was long forgotten!

Miss Courty lost her boot! 

Digging for boots - Prize: Hot Chocolate & Cookies

Sweet E...

B and Mumma taking a tumble 
One thing not forgotten: Everything I've been working on. Even though I was not home, in my own element, I managed to stay true to this new lifestyle. I must say I was relieved- this is usually where I fall apart.

I packed all my own food and didn't have any slip ups - even when the children indulged in hot chocolate and cookies after our sliding party. I took advantage of their awesome treadmill and got my work outs in. I slept well and drank my water.

At home, I have set myself up for success. Now, I have proven also that I can do it when I am taken from my perfectly planned routine. It feels really good to know I've whole heartedly made the commitment, that I can follow through regardless of the circumstances.

So good, in fact - that on Monday I ate a piece of my niece's birthday cake. I was comfortable indulging in that piece of cake and maybe some ice-cream while still managing to lose 3.2 this week!

My sweet Rylee Bug turns 17 - Ugh! 
I also felt so good about my weigh-in last night - that I may have also indulged in a piece of cake for my friends 1/2 birthday at work today. I'm sure at this point you're thinking - Whoa, Nelly...let's not get out of control now. Two pieces of cake this week? First of all, Thursday is my treat day. Secondly, I felt so sick afterwards - I was naturally consequenced. It was not worth it at all. It was far too rich for my personal preference, therefore on top of not being used to eating anything sweet lately - I felt very sick. I doubt I'll be doing that again for a long time.

However, focus on the positives - which is that I'm down a total of 13.6 lbs in 3 weigh-ins.I finally hit the 280's - which as I said before, I have not had the pleasuring of seeing in quite some time as I continue to gain/lose the same 15 lbs over and over.

Life is good. As I stated last week, for me it really is mind over matter. I think I finally have my mind on track with what my body and heart want, and here is where I feel I'll finally begin to find REAL success and shed these pounds for good. With 196 days to go, Miss Rice!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Will Run for Chips!!

These snow storms are really killing my groove!! First of all, snow days keep falling on cardio days and this is really putting a cramp in my exercise plan.

I hate cardio.

I will do ANY strength exercise (maybe not well...but I'll do it). I don't have to argue with myself to do strength - ever. I have kettle bells, weights, resistance bands and really enjoy using them. But I can find any reason to avoid cardio...and these snow storms are not helping!

Overall, for some reason, I find it much easier to stick to my exercise schedule when I'm full force. Meaning - when I get up, go to work and do my regular routine. However, when my day is thrown off, my plan falls apart. Which leads me back to snow days.

Over time, snow days have become a day of nothing. Snow day = Netflix, snacking and being sacked out on my couch. That can't be the case anymore, but I'm struggling to get out of the snow day rut I've created.

When I have a snow day, I find it very difficult to get my butt up and do something. You would think, with typically having such a busy schedule, I would appreciate a few snow days to have some extra time to exercise. Nope...not the case at all. Maybe I just love the chaos, I'm not sure - but it's much easier for me to stick to my exercise plan on a jam packed day. Once I'm up and going, I'm good. I find this to be very strange...yet typical for me lol. I'm a bit of an odd duck this way.

I have 2 things working against me here - my dislike for cardio, and my snow day habits.

Clearly, since it is only the beginning of February, there will continue to be snow. If we are going to continue to be slammed with snow, I need some motivation to follow through with my schedule even if I have nothing else to do. Now, you would think that having this time on my hands, the need to lose weight and desire to be successful would be enough..Yea well, it's not.

So...I'm sitting, I'm thinking, I'm pinning, I'm etsying. I'm looking at'm scheming. I think - for every cardio I do, I'll put $1 in a jar and then buy something on one of my wish lists when I get the money. Nothing - didn't do it for me. I think of another idea, and another...It's just not doing the trick. I'm desperately trying to find something I want, a promise I can make to myself -  and all I can think about are...chips.

I don't want clothes, I don't want jewelry, I want chips, damnit! All of a sudden, I think - I'll run for chips!!! As soon as the words come out of my mouth, I thought - wtf? Three weeks in...seriously? I said I wasn't going to deprive myself, I would allow myself little treats here and there - be realistic about it. However, I haven't craved a single thing until this very moment. I'm just stormed in, I'm idle and therefore I think I need to eat.

Well then, Miss Rice - if you're so bored, get off your ass and work out! You will run, damnit...and you will NOT run for chips. You will run for YOU!

And so I did...I got up and found the Walk, Run, Burn exercise from Prevention magazine and I think to myself - I'm going to do it. I'm pumped up, I'm ready to go...I head to the treadmill.

Becca asks me what I'm doing, and the conversation then goes a little something like this...
Me: Getting on the treadmill.
Her: Oh yea, what is that?
Me: An exercise I'm going to try.
Her: On the treadmill?
Me: Yup.
Her: What it is?
Me: Walk, Run, Burn.
Her: Cool, can I see?
Me: Sure.
*moment of silence*
Her: can't do this on the treadmill...
Me: Why not?
Her: Did you actually look at it?
Me: Yup.
Her: So you're going to do the Frankenstein walk and back pedal on the treadmill?
Me: Yup.
*moment of silence*
Me: What?
Her: You're going to kill yourself.
Me: Nah.
Her: Yup, you're going to kill yourself. Everyone say your good-byes (talking to the dogs).
Me: No, no...It's all good.
Her: Nope, you're going to kill yourself.

I take my piece of paper and head to the treadmill. Just as I start up the ole beast, I hear...

Her: Maybe you should wear that little thing that clips to your pants!

The track starts up and I'm off...After about 20 minutes, I wanted to quit. I kept talking myself into it, telling myself all the reasons why it was okay. "It's your first time doing it"..."You need to build up"...I'm my own worst enemy sometimes. It really is mind over matter, because I kept going and finished all 33 minutes of the exercise. I did skip over the 30 seconds of cross overs and 30 seconds of shuffling, since I really might have killed myself trying to do that on the treadmill - but I ran it out in those sections instead, so it was all good.

I survived! In more ways than one. I felt so good. I had supper and finished up my night with a kettle bell exercise. It was worth kicking my own ass (and risk killing myself). If you're stuck in a snow day rut - it really is mind over matter - kick your own ass!

You’ve got what it takes but it will take everything you’ve got.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This is my program...

I've had such a great outpouring of support for this adventure, for this blog, for everything...
It is great to hear that my decision to "get healthy" is helping others to make that same decision. I've had a lot of common question being "Which program are you doing?"
This is my program:

Now, I'm not knocking whatever you are doing or have done to lose weight, tone up or change your lifestyle. Everyone is different - therefore different methods work for different people. But, I know for me - this is the best way. This is a realistic, long term change. I don't believe I could find success with shakes, boxed meals or whatever else is available. I guarantee I would fall back into old habits when I transition to a normal way of eating.

I do attend TOPS, for the accountability and support - but it is not a specific program. It's all about taking pounds off sensibly. These 4 areas are the most sensible and realistic way - for me.

This past week has been my most successful week overall, by committing to these 4 areas of "my program". I have created an evening routine to try to de-stress, settle down and ensure I go to bed at a decent hour (as I am a bit of a night owl). I am eating healthy - by not only counting my calories, but watching my portions, what is on my plate, tracking my carbs, sodium and sugars.  I am currently getting 64 oz. of water - most days (I won't lie...). Lastly, I am exercising regularly - rotating cardio and strength. Which, if you remember, was the area I was struggling in. But, as you see...I've been able to move over most of my tabs this week!

I feel good - I made a schedule, I put up my tabs, and I'm sticking to it. I also created a binder (those of you who know me are laughing right now, because I have a binder for everything!). I use it to keep all of my resources together to help stay on course. In my binder I have sections for each area of "my program". It really helped me reach my goal of incorporating exercises into my work week.

My Workin' On Ma Fitness Binder is really keeping it together for me. In the front I keep my weigh-in and measurements.  I also add any inspirational quotes, photos or messages to this section. Then I have a section for schedules and planning. This is where I would schedule out my week and add my work outs. I also plan my meal and shopping lists in this binder.

The next section is for food journaling. Although I do enjoy the convenience and resources of programs/apps such as The Daily Plate and My Fitness Pal...such as being able to scan bar codes and being able to simply search my product and have all of the nutritional information a click away...Sometimes, this does not work for everyone and especially does not work if you do not have consistent WiFi/cell service accessibility. In that case, good ole' notebooks work just as well. The one downfall I found of tracking on paper is that I find it extremely important to not only watch calories - but to check other daily intakes such as carbs, sodium, sugars, etc. When you're just jotting foods down in a notebook, you're not always watching these specific areas. So I created a spreadsheet - to help track all vitals areas.

I also have a section for exercisesI keep a list of possible cardio options, so I can change it up frequently but not forget my options. I also keep a section of strength routines - kettlebells, yoga/medicine balls, weights, resistance bands - all of this equipment which I've collected over the years. I have found most of these routines on Pinterest. I print them and stick them in this section - again, so I can change things up frequently and not forget any.

The last section is for recipes, this is where I keep all my Pin Wins! One of the recipes I've added this week is not much of a recipe at all, but a fabulous concept - Wonton Cups!

I already struggle with lunches and since I have to pack one 5 days/week, this has proven to be quite a task. I don't mind salads and I would eat them 5 days/week if I had to - but why should I? If you feel this way, you should try Wonton Cups.

I purchased a package of wonton wrappers (typically found in the produce section). I spray the muffin baking pan and push the wonton wrapper into each hole.

I bake them for 5-6 minutes at 375, until they're golden brown. Now you have a little cup to fill as your heart desires! I made chicken salad to put in mine. I eat 2 wonton cups, paired with a cup of grapes for a 200 calorie lunch. You can fill with egg salad, tuna salad, any salad or sandwich fillings you enjoy. The wonton wrappers also freeze nicely - so I counted out 12 wrappers, placed them in baggies and popped them into the freezer for future use.

Caesar Salad Cup
We also used the cups for treat night - and made won ton cup tacos.

Taco Wonton Cups
Wonton Cup possibilities are endless...Type in Wonton Cups on Pinterest - I dare you. You'll never grow tired of Wonton Cups. They have made it very easy to plan my lunches.

Last week at TOPS, we learned...

I agree 100% with this statement. I have worked really hard to plan and I feel good! I had hoped the scale reflected how good I am feeling - and I think it did. I am down another 2.6 lbs. I was really hoping to hit the 280's tonight, a number I had not laid eyes on for a very long time - but I came up 0.4 lbs short...And that's okay. I am still on track: Lose 1.75 lbs/week to reach my 30th Birthday Goal. This is my program and it's working for me!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Here's to Clean Slate Mondays!

So, most of us start a clean slate on Monday - you know it's true! Especially after Super Bowl Sunday. In honour of the I'll-start-my-diet-Monday-tradition, I decided it was a good time to share some recipes I have had the pleasure of coming across. 

1. CHICKEN CABBAGE STIR FRY found circulating FaceBook (posted below). 
MY recipe worked out to be 324 calories/serving - which was half of the recipe. 
I actually added some peppers and onions to the recipe - for some added umph and heartiness. 
3 chicken breast halves
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
3 cups green cabbage, shredded
1 tablespoon cornstarch

1⁄2 teaspoon ground ginger
1⁄4 teaspoon garlic powder
1⁄2 cup water
1 tablespoon soy sauce

1. Cut chicken breasts into strips.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan.
3. Add chicken strips and stir fry over medium-high heat, turning constantly until done.
4. Add cabbage and sauté 2 minutes until cabbage is crisp-tender.
5. Mix cornstarch and seasonings; add water and soy sauce, and mix until smooth.
6. Stir sauce into chicken/cabbage mixture.
7. Cook until sauce has thickened and chicken is coated, about 1 minute.

MY recipe worked out to be 82 calories/serving. 
This recipe can be a bit time consuming, especially if you're cooking for a large crowd, as you have to roll each spear individually. I would not plan to have this on a busy evening. There is a sauce recipe available to go with the asparagus, which I did not use.  Since the side requires some prep time, keep the main part of your dish simple. I paired it with the recipe below. 

MY recipe worked out to be approximately 165 calories/piece of chicken. 
Simple yet delicious! The chicken is very moist and flavourful. Best part, it is a crock pot recipe - throw it on and leave it be. 

With a side of brown rice, one roll made for a 500 calorie supper. 
Little high on calories, however - it will vary depending on steak size. It's definitely worth it - for a special occasion or treat night. I didn't bother with the shallots. I would also be careful with some of the higher sodium ingredients and either cut back on them or cut them out. For example - instead of beef broth, I used Blue Menu Chicken Broth which I purchase at The Super Store, as it is very low in sodium. 

MY recipe worked out to be 200 calories/serving. 
For this recipe, I didn't have hot peppers - it was just fine without them. I also did not have any special gadgets so I just cut my zucchini thin.  

6. SMOTHERED CHICKEN from She Knows 
MY recipe worked out to be 141 calories per serving 
Yum! Especially if you like dijon mustard. If you do not, as it does have a strong flavour, I would cut back on that ingredient. I ate this on its own, but you may want to pair it with some rice or another side. 

Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have...
Happy Clean Slate Monday!