Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Face the Scale!

I think my commitment really showed tonight, as I dug my car out of the snow trenches in order to get to my TOPS meeting. Because darn it, I was getting there! When the snow shoveling endeavour started to seem like it may not be successful in the time frame I had, I must admit I was rather sulky. Becca and I did managed to get the cars out in the nick of time. Ultimately, since the road conditions were rather poor, I ended up hitching a ride with my Mum in her 4-wheel drive vehicle, just in case. But it is the fact that I was going to do what I had to do to get there, that counts.

I had absolutely no other reason to leave the comfort of my home - but I needed to face the scale after my Boston weekend, accept the number and move forward - whether I gained or not. That's just what you need to do when you worry that you had a bad week, you went on vacation, had a girls night, let yourself splurge just a little too much or any of the other 100 scenarios that make you worry about weigh-in. Accept and move forward.

I know that this theory is easier said than done. It has always been a downfall for me as well. I usually get frustrated and give in entirely. I have vowed that I will not do this anymore. If you feel like something is not working or that you're at stand still, take some time to look for new exercises, new meals, new ideas, new whatever it is that you feel is sabotaging your success (which is usually myself).

I'm constantly online reading other weight loss blog posts for motivation and browsing Pinterest for tips and tricks. One thing I constantly come across are - smoothies.

Now, I've mentioned before how terribly fussy I am, and the frustration it can create when trying to eat well. I have tried smoothies over and over and just can't tolerate them. After much thought, I've summed this up to one main ingredient - yogurt. I do not like yogurt at all - no matter the flavour. After some Pinterest Browsing, I discovered that many non yogurt people, such as myself are using Sprite Zero or Diet 7Up to make smoothies and decided to give it a try.

I took a look at several pins and blogs and it seems like you can substitute the yogurt like so in almost any basic smoothie recipe.

I decided to try a classic...
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
1 cup of strawberries
1-2 bananas (depending on how you like it, cut up)
1 cup ice
1/2 cup Sprite Zero

Add to the blender and grind.
Pour and enjoy for 150 calories!

Delicious...low calorie...yet satisfying. Since it was missing yogurt - a very filling component of a smoothie...I decided to throw back a glass of water beforehand. I'm not sure if that was necessary or not, but I definitely didn't have an issue holding over until supper. If I had of had some ground flax seed on hand, I would have thrown that in as well.

The best part about this smoothie is that you can freeze it for an on the fly breakfast, lunch or snack. I ration the mix into baggies to throw into the freezer at school for the week. About 9:30am, I take it out and it's ready to go at my 10am break. They tell you not to drink your calories - but if you're going to drink your breakfast or your lunch, as I do for weigh-in day, check out Stilettos & Legos. She offers a great list of creative zero or low calorie drinks - including this intriguing Pineapple Amaretto Smoothie for treat night.

Speaking of treat night...or treat weekend! I have very little regrets from my trip to Boston. I did really well overall. I'm not saying I did not splurge - or veer off course a bit, because I sure did. I had some bagel breakfasts, even though I'm cutting back on carbs. I also ordered Pepsi (twice!) even though I'm cutting that out altogether. Not to mention, the martini. But I figured I had all day to walk the streets of Boston and work it off. However, I drank a lot of water as well and ordered caesar salads for sides. Cautious, but not crazy. Still gotta live, right?

Sadly enough - my struggle this week was not my weekend getaway...It is working out. I am having a difficult time working it into my schedule or finding the life to do it at the end of my day. Again, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I found a little help.

Most things I have read say it takes about 21 days to create a habit. I decided to use this theory. If I find a way to try to stick to something for 21 days, I figure, even if it doesn't naturally create a habit by that point...I should have that feel good feeling and just want to keep going, right? Let's hope! So how do I find a way to stick to it for 21 days?

Dunt, dunt, dut dah! Post-It Page Markers to the rescue! I placed 30 page markers in a very public and evident place in my house, that I would need to walk by and stare at daily. I decided to go with 30 - just in case 21 did not cut it for a stubborn soul such as myself. I'm going to create a schedule, rotating cardio and strength and when I complete a work out, I can remove a marker. Hopefully in 30 days, a work out regimen will be born.

I also decided it was time to take my measurements - oh boy, we'll save that for a later date! But on the bright side, I braved the elements, made it to TOPS and lost 2.6 lbs.

Miss Rice is 7.8 lbs smaller in two weeks, and right on schedule for my goal!

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