Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thirty and... ½ Excuses

I am good at a lot of things…following through may not be one of them. 

I did finish a college program, but started University and didn't finish. I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I have never been able to shed these unwanted/unneeded pounds. I have started diet after diet, life change after life change. This problem is not just with large tasks as I've mentioned, but simple day to day enjoyments such as blogging. I have also started many blogs and never followed through. Always an excuse. Not enough time, not enough energy. I pour myself into my work, into my community (being the things I am good at) which leads back to not enough time and not enough energy - for me! After much thought, I decided that 30 IS going to be The Year of Brittany. The problem is, after all these years, I'm not even sure who I am. I've lost myself in doing what everyone else wants me to do. 

Two things I have been told regarding tongues: 
1) They’re the fastest healing muscle in your body. 
2) Tongue piercings grown over quite quickly (likely due to #1).
I have never actually researched either fact…But, recently I was told I would need to do an MRI, and remove my tongue ring. I had my tongue pierced in June of 2003. I NEVER remember dates like this. I don’t remember many things in general. However, during a lifetime of uncertainties, moving like a gypsy, indecision, inability to commit and I’m sure you get the idea…the one thing I have committed to in this lifetime – is that tongue ring. The longest commitment I have ever made, I wasn't about to lose it over this MRI! I think this is a prime example of a) the type of commitments I HAVE been able to make and b) the seriousness of my inability to see things through. All is well, they let me remove my tongue ring last minute, the MRI took all of 30 minutes and I quickly slipped the sucker back in. Again, just a lovely example so you understand the disaster you're dealing with.

20 yrs. old
My 20’s has full of a lot of not-knowing-who-I-am-any-more-or-did-I-ever?! I know, I know! It’s just not right. Here I am, 29…and I’m just sorting it out…but at least it is in time for 30 - because I can’t be known as 30 ½ excuses. I can be 30 and...thriving, 30 and...thrilled, 30 and...a lot of things. But not 30 and full of excuses. So even though it has taken far too long for one to find oneself, I am glad I am finally going to do it. I am going to this mission, to this blog and to 30 other things along the way! 

Pushing 30! 
So what have I learned in my 20's? Let's see...
I like purple. I like Fall - the leaves, the colours, the weather. I like kids. I love my job. I want to return to school and get my Education Degree. I love my fur babies. I like home renovation/DIY projects with Becca. I like surprising my friends and family with unique or home made gifts. I like things that are caramel, cinnamon and pumpkin flavoured. I like spelling things with a U, like a true Canadian. I like being a proud Canadian. I liked myself better when I had more energy and was healthier. I like vintage. I like photography. 

Surely, out of all these things - I can set myself up pretty darn nice for my 30's. 
So let's get's time to Find Miss Rice: 222 days and counting...

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